Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is the course offered to the aesthetic, psychological, literary and critical sensibilities of the students. The course comprises of study of languages, literatures and humanities. While it takes them into the root of languages, literatures of various languages mould their humanitarian side. The course is designed in a way that develops their skill in creative writing. This is supported by activities such as music and dance workshops and competitions, drama workshop, creative writing, translation workshop, etc. It, thus, makes them Bachelor of Arts in true sense. Moreover, seminars, presentations, guest lectures are also conducted at certain intervals. The course further opens the door to Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education in respective subjects, Journalism & Mass Com, Diploma courses in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, school psychology, parents psychology, etc. The college offers BA in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Psychology, Sociology, History and recognized centre for MA in Hindi and Psychology.